GUITAR & BASS Instruction


 Alexander Nathaniel Randall

Professionally Teaching for over 20 Years.

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In my studio you will Focus on:
- Technique Exercises,
- Music Theory,
- Scales,
- Arpeggios,
- Chords,
- Sight-reading,
- Ear training
    and their applications to Improvisation and Composition.

With over 20 years of experience, I offer private lessons for guitar and bass guitar. Focusing on the students needs, I create a personal, organized practice system to follow that works towards achieving your individual goals, exposing weak points to make them strengths.
Learning correctly from the start and building necessary foundation skills will
save you from forming debilitating bad habits and techniques.
Bad Technique leads most to great frustration and giving up the instrument.
I teach students of all ages, including kids, and all levels of study from beginner to advanced.
Public and Private school teachers as well as parents and former students recommend  me for the simple reason that I get results. 
Many of my students started from scratch and became working professional musicians. Former students have acquired college scholarships to colleges like Berklee school of music.
Let my decades of successfully training guitarists to play at their highest level work for you!


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